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Pests to Watch out for This Summer

Summer Pest Species to Watch out For

Pests to Watch out for This Summer

With summer (finally) kicking in and temperatures rising across Scotland, certain pest species are going to become more common in and around your home or business. Knowing what to look out for will help you to keep on top of the situation and make sure disruption is kept to a minimum. This is our Clark… View Article
Pigeons and Other Birds

How a Weathered Roof Can Lead to Pest Problems

Pests rely on our homes and properties for shelter and resources. They will make their way into your home in a huge number of different ways, but typically will try and find a gap or hole on the outside of the property to squeeze through. Your roof can be a significant problem when it comes… View Article

Gull Aggression and the Breeding Season

We are now well and truly inside the gull breeding season. With clutches of eggs being laid across the country, you can expect young to be born and gull behaviour to change when the eggs finally hatch. Acting before young hatch from these eggs is vitally important for a number of reasons, all of which… View Article
How to Identify a Wasp Nest

Preparing for Wasps this Summer

With the warm weather coming in, you will probably have noticed or begin to see wasp nests appearing around your property. Wasps can be a bit more distressing than other pests as they will commonly interact with humans by stinging them. In this article, we will offer a brief explanation of the situation of how… View Article
What Legislation Do UK Pest Controllers Have to Follow?

How Does Government Legislation Affect Pest Control?

When it comes to pest control, there is stringent legislation that pest control companies have to follow in order to protect both your company and ours from repercussions and litigation. Not all pest control companies give these rules the attention they deserve, but we do things differently. In this blog article, we will outline some… View Article
The Reasons Why Pest Species Are Flourishing

Why You Can Expect to See More Pests

Pest control is a growing industry, which means that pest populations must also be on the rise! This phenomenon is generally accepted, but the reasons for it are varied and diverse; it is not the case that pest control companies just aren’t doing a good job! In this Clark Pest Control blog, we will take… View Article
How Does Clark Pest Control Deal with Ants?

Dealing with Ants in Warmer Weather

As the weather begins to warm, some pests will start to appear around your property that you likely will not have seen over the last few months. Ants are just one of these species, and they are something that you should be prepared for as we go into spring and ultimately Summer. In this article,… View Article
Bird Breeding in Springtime

Birds and Spring – What you Need to Know

The changing seasons affect just about every animal on Earth, and pest species are no different. Bird behaviour is intrinsically linked to the changing seasons, and this can have an effect on how they will affect your business throughout the year. This article will give you all of the information you require when it comes… View Article
Which Is Better Between Bird Spiking and Wiring?

Bird Wiring vs Spiking: Which Is Right for Me?

A modern pest controller has a wide variety of tools at his or her disposal which they can use to make a premises uninhabitable for pest birds. There are no hard and fast rules on which ones are best; it depends on the context and your individual situation. In this blog, we will discuss two… View Article
What Does Climate Change Mean for Pest Control?

How Are Wasp Populations Changing?

In 2019, there is speculation that wasp populations might be particularly high following from the record numbers we witnessed last year. Although many infestations, such as moths, are a nuisance but not a nightmare. Wasps, on the other hand, present a real danger to human beings. Having said that, predicting pest populations isn’t simple and… View Article
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