Squirrels: Everything You Need to Know

Squirrels are much more destructive and problematic than their ‘cuteness’ might portray. They have a lot of habits which will cause a number of issues around your home, racking up incredible repair bills in a short space of time.

In this article, we will provide a summary of why pest squirrel activity cannot be underestimated and why they should be dealt with at the earliest opportunity.

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Top Reasons Squirrels are a Problem

Although any unwanted animal residing within your home can cause any number of issues, some of the most costly examples are:

  • Squirrels will chew and rip away wooden beams.
  • Using their strong, sharp teeth, they will strip insulation from electronics.
  • Squirrels will destroy textiles and insulation for nesting material.
  • Like all rodents, squirrels can spread disease.

Top Reasons Squirrels are a Problem

Squirrels in the wild are known for their habit of stripping the bark off of young trees, killing them ultimately. However, since there is no bark to remove in your loft or attic, they tend to turn their attention to wooden beams and other similar structures.

Another habit that squirrels, and indeed all rodents, have is the need to use their ever-growing incisors to keep them under control. One of the most common targets of this habit is electrical wires as they will strip the insulation off.

Although the most obvious result of allowing this to happen will be broken electrical equipment, the stripped insulation can and does lead to hundreds of building fires every year.

In colder weather, squirrels need to provide particularly warm nests to survive. Man-made materials make this task a lot easier, and as a result, they will use their teeth and paws to rip apart our roof insulation and textiles.

As you can imagine, if left unattended, squirrels will quickly rack up ridiculous amounts of damage to your personal property.

Lastly, disease is a significant problem with squirrels. Their faeces and urine can be loaded with contagions that will easily spread to humans. If they make it inside a water tank or, in some cases food stores, infection can quickly follow.

Dealing with Squirrels

We have a lot of techniques at our disposal to deal with squirrels in order to minimise the damage and disruption they will cause within your home.

To begin with, we should make clear that poisonous bait that we might use on other rodents is illegal when it comes to squirrels.

We can, on the other hand, use various types of trap to deal with the squirrels. Live traps can be placed around your home in order to capture the pests. Our technicians will then remove them from your home and deal with them off-site.

Spring traps are another option for dealing with squirrels. These traps will deal with the squirrels instantly and humanely. There is strict legislation to control what spring traps we can and cannot use, keeping any risk of distress to the animal to an absolute minimum.

We also provide a proofing programme that will allow you to protect your home from any further infestations. Using sealing materials, our technicians will fill in any gaps and holes that pests might take advantage of. This can be effective even if you don’t have a pest problem, purely in anticipation.

The Legislation Regarding Red Squirrels

Dealing with grey squirrels is simple; they aren’t protected as they are thriving and an invasive species from another continent. Red squirrels are another matter entirely. Although they are rare, they can cause problems.


Red squirrels are protected strictly. If they are caught, they have to be released, and under no circumstances can they be killed or harmed.

What Season are Squirrels Most Problematic?

Squirrels are happy to live outside when it is warm, although they might well still infest your home. During the months of October to March, however, they will be much more likely to come inside.

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