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Pest Bird Spike Systems

The systems are discreet and are ideal when it comes to stopping pest birds from roosting on ledges, chimneys, pipes, beams, parapets, signs gutters and roof ridges.

This is important as birds are far from harmless; keep in mind, birds can have a severe effect on an area when their populations reach high levels and they become congested. Not only will their acidic guano start to cause aesthetic and structural problems, but their fouling also carries a concoction of dangerous bacteria and viruses.

Pest bird spike systems are fantastic solutions which can be applied to get rid of pest birds from premises without killing the birds (bear in mind this is illegal). They will create an environment which the pest birds will find unsuitable as they cannot land on a solid surface, hence they will move out of the property and stay away so long as the spikes remain.

The Pest Bird Spike Systems are not actually spikes, but rather harmless metal prongs which are attached to plastic bases. These will stop both daytime perching and nighttime roosting be acting as a physical barrier. Not only do they offer effective protection, but they are also very flexible allowing them to be utilised for a number of surfaces that would otherwise present an issue.

When the systems are properly installed, they will be discreet and very difficult to see from a few metres away. This provides the best way of protecting structures against the damages which can be caused by pest birds while at the same time maintaining the aesthetic value of your premises.

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Clark Pest Control offers a number of flexible and effective solutions when it comes to pest bird control and serve clients across Britain. We will use our expertise to not only develop a control programme that is tailored for your property but will also install the various required products to the very highest standard.

Regardless of whether you are facing control issues in your home or on a vast industrial facility, you can rely on the same amazing results through our commitment to standards of perfection and client-focused service.

All our professional pest control experts have IPAF and PASMA certification to assure your money is being spent on certified and knowledgable technicians. We employ all necessary safety measures when carrying out our work.

Our teams will make sure that you have all of the necessary information required throughout the process so that you can make a fully informed decision. Your journey towards being entirely bird free starts with only a phone call, get in touch with us now to arrange for your FREE CONSULTATION.

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