Fleas are a parasite pest that relies on warm-blooded animals for food. Although each species have a preferred species that they will stick to wherever possible, in the absence of their preferred target they will feed on other animals – including human beings.

Effective Flea Control

Of the many flea species that populate the United Kingdom, the most common ones are human fleas, cat fleas, and dog fleas. However, by far the most common species is the cat flea, which is responsible for roughly 3 in 4 infestations throughout the nation.

Flea bits are easily identifiable. Firstly, they generally take the form of a tiny dark spot (the bite mark) which is surrounded by a red and often swollen stretch of skin. Additionally, these bite marks generally appear in a row of three and are found around the ankle.

It typically takes around two days for the human body to deal with the bite, although many people are distressed by the social stigma that bite marks carry. Although they might disappear relatively quickly, there is a good chance that more bites will appear thereafter.

Flea Behaviour

Fleas become alerted to the presence of a potential host via increased levels of carbon dioxide which is a sign of breathing, as well as variations in light. Cat fleas that make it to adulthood are able to emerge within a matter of three seconds from their eggs, allowing them to attach to their desired host and feed immediately.

For this reason, enormous numbers of fleas will seemingly emerge from nowhere in buildings that have been empty for a long time. The eggs can happily survive for many years, just lying in wait for a suitable host to come by.

It does need to be noted that there is no substantial research proving that cat fleas transmit serious diseases to human beings. What has been proven is that their bites are able to cause anything from mild distress to serious irritation, especially in those with an allergy or children.

Without a thorough treatment from trusted professionals, it is unlikely you will be able to deal with a flea infestation. Their eggs are often hidden in discreet locations and it takes skill and experience to make sure they are well and truly dealt with. Otherwise, they will just remain dormant until they resurface.

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