Common Clothes Moth

Insects possess the capacity to spread disorder, ruin houses, and, also, damage goods and foodstuffs. So, when there is a domestic pest problem, it’s important you take action.

Domestic Pest Control

Issues with pests come in several different types including Bedbugs, Bugs, and Wasps to name some.

So, the first thing you should do is contact us, Clark Insect Control – we can help.

One of our fully trained BPCA qualified technicians will determine the bug and eliminate the issue in a way that is safe and satisfactory.

Dealing with Moths in Glasgow & Edinburgh

Moths are not an easy insect to deal with. One issue is that they tend to live in the dark and empty corners and crawlspaces of your property and will lay their eggs in sheltered regions of a property. Having the right equipment just is not enough – you need to have the experience to back it up.

Our technicians will apply specialist insecticide which is both effective and safe for human beings to be around. This chemical has been chosen through repeated experimentation which is backed by research – we don’t just use whatever is ‘standard’ or, even worse, ‘cheaper’!

The second half of the equation is more to do with brains over brawn. Our technicians will apply the powerful insecticide in critical locations throughout your property that we know the moths will be hiding, as well as other spots that we know are attractive for eggs being laid.

In extreme cases where adult moths are causing significant distress in your home or disruption within your business, then traps can be utilised in order to secure more immediate results. These will lure in the moths and kill them, which won’t get rid of the whole infestation but will have an immediate impact!

Moth Control in Glasgow & Edinburgh

Keep in mind that moths are not dangerous. Regardless of the distress and property damage, they might cause, they are not going to lead to disease. However, this is of little consolation!

There are around two and a half thousand moth species in the United Kingdom, two of which are as follows:

White-Shouldered House Moths – This species of moth isn’t likely to infest your home, although it does happen from time to time. However, they will often take over sheds, garages, and various other outdoor buildings. These moths will eat clothing so make sure to get them dealt with quickly!

Brown House Moth – The alarming thing about this species is how quickly they will take over your home in huge numbers. They can also travel incredibly far distances, and your infestation may have come from several miles away!

Clothes Moths – These types of moths feed on textiles, cloths, and leather. Essentially all natural fabrics. These cause significant damage and will quickly multiply and spread throughout your home, wherever their food can be found!

Moth Insect Control in the United Kingdom

Our technicians are posted throughout the British Isles, and we make sure that their vehicles have all of the equipment they might need to carry out everything but the most niche work! This means that we can get to work straight away and will often respond on the very same day!

We also accept that dealing with pest issues in one visit is very rarely possible and you should be wary of any company that offers this kind of service. We carry out multi-visit programmes to make sure that we provide reliable and top class results.

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Domestic Pest Control: Our Services

Our domestic pest control services include the elimination of:

So, no matter your insect problem, by way of example, a rat infestation, you should speak to us right now.

Domestic Pest Control: Our Approach

Trained in the application of insect powder and pesticides, our technicians ensure that we’ve got the right skills and insurance contracts setup and that our work meets all recommend standards.

There are numerous methods for people to control insects at home.

Firstly, one of our local surveyors analyse and assess your home.

Next they will make suggestions that reflect the unique requirements of your house.

Last but not least, our technicians will advise you on the proper treatment needed to take care of your pest problem.

At Pest Control, we employ an approach that is pro-active. After we complete our pest management treatment, we can make follow-up visits to ensure that your insect problem is removed forever.

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