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Garden Ants (Insect Control)

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Black Ant Control in Glasgow and EdinburghBlack Ants, also referred to as (Lasius niger), are highly social insects. They live in colonies. and consist of a number of castes which make up a sophisticated community within the nest.

In black ants (lasius niger) community, there is a queen in each nest. Workers are the most common caste and they will be often seen distances away from the nest looking for food.

Males and queens will leave the nest at a specific time of the year, depending on the weather and climate. These colonising queens and males are characterised by wings. They will be seen throughout spring and summer.

Workers of the Black Ants (Lasius niger) community are about 2-5mm in length. They are exclusively black or brown in colour. The workers will be seen more often due to their more active and explorative role in the community of black ants. They will be seen in your garden or around your home searching for food.

They are very talented at finding food and will use their small size to easily enter your kitchen cabinets where they can steal and ultimately contaminate the food.

Queens are larger in size and are the heart of each colony. They are predominantly black, but when they emerge from the nest they will be seen with wings. Queens produce all of the young within a nest and, by killing off the queen, you can guarantee that the colony is destined to fail.

Effective Ant Control in Glasgow & Edinburgh

Black Ants (Lasius niger) are the only ants which are indigenous to the UK which have the tendency of entering houses. The workers are very active in foraging and they will feed on any food substance although they ideally prefer sweet substances.

Although they do not pose any serious health risk, their activity is a nuisance to homeowners and they can easily contaminate food. However, the vast majority of homeowners will find an ant infestation very distressing.

The Black Ants (Lasius niger) will also occasionally nest indoors if the conditions are suitable, usually in the insulation layers below your property. During the exploration season when the queen and their males are looking for a new home you might also find them inside your home.

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With numerous offices throughout the United Kingdom, we can offer a rapid response to your pest issue and can often have technicians within your home, office, or commercial premises often on the very same day.

Our technicians have dealt with countless infestations of black ants. Not only do they benefit from this practical experience, but we provide ongoing training and do constant research and testing on new equipment and chemicals introduced to the industry.

Keep in mind that ant nests are often built in very discreet and hard-to-reach locations, which can make them very difficult to deal with on your own. However, we have important tactics that will allow us to deal with nests in any location, even if we have nowhere near direct access.

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