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Garden Ants (Insect Control)

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Black Ant Control in Glasgow and EdinburghBlack Ants also referred to as (Lasius niger) are social insects. They live in colonies. Just like any other social insects, they consist a number of castes which comprise a complicated community in a nest. In black ants (lasius niger) community, there is a queen in each nest. Workers are the most common caste and they will be often seen distances away from the nest looking for food. Males and queens are produced in specific periods of the year. The presumptive queens and males are characterised by wings. They will be seen in most warm humid days during summer.

Workers of the Black Ants (Lasius niger) community are about 2-5mm in length. They are exclusively black or brown in colour. The workers will be seen more often due to their active role in the community of black ants. They will be seen in your basement and kitchen searching for food. This can make your efforts of trying to preserve food very hectic. They are tiny hence they can easily enter your kitchen cabinets where they will contaminate the food. The males and presumptive queens are larger in size. They can range from 3.5-4.7mm and 6.6-10mm respectively. They are predominantly black, but when they emerge from the nest they will be seen with wings. Males will die shortly after mating but the presumptive queens will lose wings after mating.

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Black Ants (Lasius niger) are the only ants which are indigenous to the UK which have the tendency of entering houses. The workers are very active in foraging and they will feed on any food substance. They mostly prefer sweet substances.

They do not pose any health risk, but their activity is a nuisance to home owners and can easily contaminate food. Most home owners are stressed due to the activity of the ants in their houses.

The Black Ants (Lasius niger) can nest indoors. The infestation can cause you stress at any given period of the year. They build their nests in the insulation layers below your property. The mating males will be a nuisance to your home because they will tend to fly all over. Their nests can interfere with the functioning of your insulation layer which make it necessary for you to try and get rid of them.

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We have numerous offices all over the UK. We are very fast when called upon to help in pest infestation control. We will respond very fast to your call and help you get rid of the ants from your office or home. We have experts who have great experience when it comes to dealing with the black ants. We will charge you at fair rates but the quality of services you will achieve will be great. Even if they have built nests in hard to reach areas, we will use safe methods which will get rid of the ants and preserve the appearance of your property. Just call us today and we will get rid of the nest and ensure the ants do not come back again.

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