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Dermestes Beetle (Insect Control)

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Dermestes Beetle
Dermestes Beetles (Dermestes spp) are a fairly common household pest. They feed on a wide variety of animal protein-based products.

Interestingly enough, the Hide Beetle is sometimes used by museums for cleaning bones and skulls before display. However, they are far from useful when they invade our homes and businesses!

Dermestes Beetles (Dermestes spp) in Glasgow and Edinburgh

The three of the most common species of Dermestes Beetle are the Hide Beetle (Dermestes maculatus), Larder Beetle (Dermestes lardarius), and Black Larder Beetles (Dermestes ater), which can be found in Glasgow, Edinburgh and across the UK. All three belong to the insect family called Dermestidae, and are related to Carpet Beetles, a more common group of indoor insect pests.

Although very common in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and the UK, Hide Beetles and Larder Beetles are thought to have originated in Eurasia; while the Black Larder Beetle is believed to be indigenous to North America.

Effective Dermestes Beetle Control for Glasgow and Edinburgh

Dermestes Beetles (Dermestes spp) feed on a wide variety of animal protein-based products and can make their home in lots of human habitations. Common food sources include leather goods, hides, skins, pet-food, cheese, and feathers. Household infestations are occasionally attributed to the presence of bird or rodent carcasses, old wasp nests, or accumulations of dead insects.

Dermestes Beetle may possibly feed on plant material of high protein content, but this is not a preferred food source. When the Larder Beetle are present in granaries and warehouses containing fruits and veg, they are most likely feeding on the bodies of other insects which are associated with these stored products.

Mature Dermestes larvae also bore into hard substrates such as wood, cork, tobacco, and plaster to pupate and are a serious pest in commercial and domestic kitchens, particularly around food cupboards, cookers and refrigerators. They are also a significant pest in poultry houses and piggeries.

Their occurrence in kitchens is usually associated with poor hygiene that allows them to breed successfully on food scraps. The adult Dermestes Beetles (Dermestes spp) fly readily, and are attracted at night to illuminated windows, creating new infestations in the kitchens of flats, and staff canteens on the upper floors of Glasgow and Edinburgh’s high-rise tenement buildings.

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