Pests to Watch out for This Summer

With summer (finally) kicking in and temperatures rising across Scotland, certain pest species are going to become more common in and around your home or business. Knowing what to look out for will help you to keep on top of the situation and make sure disruption is kept to a minimum.

This is our Clark Pest Control Summer pest control guide, outlining some of the species that you should be on the lookout for this season. To make sure your home or business is as protected as possible, give us a call today on 0800 808 5615.

Summer Pest Species to Watch out For

Higher temperatures lead to different sorts of pest species starting to flourish in the usually-cold United Kingdom. These include:

  • Wasps
  • Ants
  • Flies

Summer Wasp Problems

Last year we saw an unprecedented number of wasps in the UK. Pest control companies throughout the country were constantly responding to calls for nests full of these insects, nestling in garages, under eaves, and in bushes.

It is not guaranteed that populations will also be high this year, but we can’t rule it out either. As temperatures begin to rise due to climate change, the ‘active’ season for wasps will start earlier and earlier, allowing them more time to build bigger and bigger nests.

Wasps present a genuine danger to a significant percentage of the population. Although stings will be painful for anyone, people with allergies can suffer incredibly adverse reactions that will require urgent medical attention.

At Clark Pest Control, we will generally arrive and remove the nest safely on the very same day, making sure your property is safe again as quickly as possible. You can expect still to see some wasps around for a couple of days, but these will eventually die off without the nest.

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Ant Nests in Summer

Another insect that becomes more active when temperatures rise during spring and into summer is the ant. These colonies will start to become established during the period of nuptial flight, as the queens explore for suitable sights to establish their new base of operations.

Once the nest is in place, workers and scouts will start to appear around your home or business looking for sources of food. A steady stream of the insects will then come back and forth from the source taking nutrition back to the nest.

We have two critical methods for dealing with nests:

  • If the nest can be located, we can apply effective insecticide which will eliminate the whole colony.
  • If the nest is well hidden or sheltered, we can leave out poisonous bait which will be carried back to the nest, spreading like a disease and destroying the colony.

Ants are a stubborn animal and difficult to deal with without professional help. Give us a call today.

Flies and Hot Weather

Flies are a relatively constant problem in specific environments. However, in the warm summer weather, they will begin to appear everywhere. From large blue bottles to tiny drain/fruit flies, these insects will breed rapidly and risk the spread of bacteria and disease around your property.

Flies are prolific breeders and will multiply incredibly quickly, taking over your property in a relatively short space of time. Our quick response and effective service will get the problem under control in no time at all.

Using insecticide, we will destroy the flies themselves as well as their eggs. This requires expertise as it is crucial to understand where the insects are likely to have placed their eggs.

No matter how bad the infestation appears to be, our technicians will get the situation under control quickly and will make sure we provide definitive and comprehensive results across a programme of multiple visits.

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Regardless of what pests do manage to infest your property this summer, don’t fret; Clark Pest Control is on-hand to provide affordable, effective, and timely solutions. Through our experience and arsenal of quality pest control equipment, you can rely on our results.

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