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There are a vast number of different animal species throughout the United Kingdom that are considered to be pests. However, there are a few which are significantly more prominent than other rarer examples:


Rats carry disease and cause real damage to properties through their constant gnawing. By using a combination of traps and baits, we can quickly get a population under control before proofing the property against future infestations. Learn More


Like their rat cousins, mice will similarly spread disease throughout your home and share the same rodent trait of needing to gnaw on various materials constantly in order to keep their teeth under control. Learn More


Wasps aren’t likely to spread disease, but their stings can be very painful, and many people will suffer from a severe allergic reaction after being attacked. Throughout the spring and summer, you might find a nest on your property; we will remove it quickly and safely. Learn More

Common Clothes Moth

Some moths will innocently fly through your window and end up perishing on a windowsill. Others, however, will infest your property and eat through any natural fabric they come across. Learn More

Bed Bugs

These insects tend to be a bit more distressing than other pests. While the vast majority will try to avoid humans at every opportunity, these nasty blood-sucking creatures will actively seek out human prey in order to suck their blood. Learn More


There are several different species of flea that all have their own niche animal that they feed on – cat fleas for cats, human fleas for humans, and so on. However, in the absence of their chosen host, they will feed on other animals meaning many will target human beings. Learn More


Pigeons are very talented nesters and will affect your home or business in a number of ways when setting up their nest. They can also multiply very quickly due to their ability to breed in all seasons. Although pigeons are protected by legislation in specific ways, we can offer a solution. Learn More


Colloquially known as ‘seagulls’, these birds present a huge number of issues around your property. Not only will they aggressively defend their young, but they can also spread disease through their faeces. Learn More


Clark Pest Control and Other Pests

At Clark Pest Control, we have the practical experience and resources to not only deal with the more commonly encountered pests but also rarer species which need to be handled with just as quickly and effectively.

Our technicians are perfectly prepared to deal with any insects within your property, including:

  • Flying Insects
  • Cockroaches
  • Squirrels
  • Beetles
  • Ants
  • Spiders

All pests present a problem within your home or business. Whether they are a threat to human health, a cause of distress, or a negative influence on your reputation, it is important they are dealt with rapidly and competently.

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