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Preparing for Wasps this Summer

With the warm weather coming in, you will probably have noticed or begin to see wasp nests appearing around your property. Wasps can be a bit more distressing than other pests as they will commonly interact with humans by stinging them.

In this article, we will offer a brief explanation of the situation of how wasp nests work as well as why our professional technicians can provide a quick solution.

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How to Identify a Wasp Nest

Wasp nests are relatively easy to identify. They are made of a dry and brittle papery material which is usually created by the wasp workers that will chew wood and plant materials mixing them with their saliva in order to create a pulp that can be moulded into their nest.

How to Identify a Wasp Nest

Where the nests show up will depend on a few factors such as the species and other external influences.

Some species prefer to build their nest outside under awnings or other locations protected from the elements. Some species prefer to build their nest on the ground, usually under a bush or hedge.

However, a lot of wasps will try and establish their home inside of a building. Here, they are protected from the elements and so long as they have easy access to the outside will absolutely thrive.

Often, wasp nests will be so well hidden that you might not actually see the nest itself. Instead, you will notice a steady stream of wasps that will go back and forth between the nest and wherever they are foraging for food.

Dealing with Wasp Nests

The first thing to note is that dealing with a wasp nest on your own is not easy and is far from advisable. Wasps can be aggressive at the best of times, but will doggedly defend their nest whenever they feel a predator or danger is posing a threat.

Moreover, over and above wasp stings being painful, many human beings are allergic. Generally, this just means more pain, discomfort, and swelling, but in extreme cases, the reaction is so severe that it can cause death.

Additionally, some wasp nests can have anywhere from 300-1000 members inside. Although many of them are hidden away or out foraging for food if called upon they can mobilise to defend the colony.

Instead, it is better to leave the task to a professional instead. Our pest control technicians have crucial protective clothing that makes sure they remain safe from any stings regardless of the swarm that might occur.

Additionally, they will remove the nest from your property entirely ensuring that it has no chance of re-establishing itself. By taking away the queen and their home, they will have no ability to breed and thus are killed off entirely.

It is worth noting that you might see some wasps hanging around the area that the nest was established, and wasps might begin to venture further around your home as they look for food with no stores in the nest, but after a few days these members will also die off.

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Our technicians have a tremendous amount of practical experience as well as ongoing training to make sure their skills and techniques are cutting edge. With extensive and advanced equipment to back up their skills, you can rely on fantastic results each and every time.

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