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Preparing for Pests Throughout 2019

Although the prominence of pests will change from year to year, we can make general predictions about when pests will begin to become more or less active.

Knowing what problems you might expect to encounter and being able to prepare for them can help you enjoy a pest-free 2019. In this blog, we will outline our calendar that you can use to protect yourself.

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What Months Are Pests Most Prominent?

Many people think that pest activity starts to slow down in the colder seasons and that infestations are mostly a Summer issue. However, this is far from the case, and there is a pest animal suited for all climates and every month presents its own problems.

What Months Are Pests Most Prominent?

Spring: A lot of insects will disappear throughout the coldest spell of the year but will start to stir in Spring. You will likely see them searching for resources as well as a location for their nest.

Summer: During Summer rodents are less likely to enter your home as they are happy to live outside in the warmth. However, insect activity will reach its peak, and they will enter your home.

Autumn: You will notice more insects and rodents moving inside warm properties as the outside temperatures fall. Numbers will also increase as the Spring-born young real adulthood.

Winter: Insects throughout the Winter months will often go completely dormant. However, mice and rats will be keen to try and make their nest within your property in order to avoid the icy temperatures outside.


Evidently, pests are not just a warm weather issue, and you should take the necessary steps to protect your property each and every month of the year.

Our Pest Calendar

Again, no two years are going to have the exact same schedule of pest activity. However, it is possible to make fairly general predictions:

January: Cockroaches are somewhat active throughout Winter, although the real risk will come in the form of rodents looking for warmth and shelter.

February: Again throughout this month, cockroaches might cause some infestations and rodents will continue to take shelter in human habitations.

March: In early Spring outside temperatures will become significantly less cold. As a result, rats and mice will be less likely to infest your property. Ant colonies, however, will start to venture out from their nests and moths will start to appear around your property.

April: As temperatures rise even further, biting insects will start to appear in the form of fleas and bed bugs, and you will begin to see flies around your home.

May: As Summer starts wasps will have established their nests, and you will see them much more commonly around your property.

June: All insects from flies to biting insects and cockroaches will reach their most prominent during the peak Summer months, starting in June.

July: Ants and wasps become most active in July. They will constantly work to find resources for their relevant nests, and you will likely see many within your property.

August: As Summer reaches its end you can expect to see less house flies around your home. However, every other insect is still going to be active and a significant threat.

Our Pest Calendar

September: All insects will begin to calm down as Summer ends and temperatures fall. However, spiders will start to become more prominent, and wasps will be finishing their season.

October: Bed bug and flea infestations become significantly less common in the Autumn. Spider populations reach their highest, and you will likely see them within your home, and some wasps and ants might still be around.

November: As Winter sets in the outdoors will become much colder and rodent will once again look to your home for warmth. You might see some spiders, moths, and cockroaches around.

December: December is much like January, and the main threat will be rats and mice. Additionally, cockroaches might be present along with some spiders at the end of their season.

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