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How to Identify a Rodent Infestation Within Your Home

Rats and mice are well-versed in what they need to do to avoid threats. This means a lot of skulking around in shadows and crawlspaces. Often, you will have to rely on other signs to identify that you have a rodent infestation outside of seeing the pests in the flesh. The question is, what are these?

In this article, we will discuss the tell-tale signs that rats or mice have made their home within your property.

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Clues Rats and Mice Are Living in Your Property

Despite the fact they mostly come out at night, you can spot rodent activity in a few ways:

  • Noise within walls and crawlspaces
  • Droppings around your home
  • Nesting materials and activity
  • Tooth marks and stripped wire insulation
  • Dirty rub marks on walls
  • Footprints

Clues Rats and Mice Are Living in Your Property

Squeaks and Movement Noises

A lot of people find that one of the worst parts of a rat or mouse infestation is the noises they make. This can keep many people up at night as they hear the small pests scampering and crawling within crawlspaces and along hard flooring.

If you do hear some kind of noise within walls and so on, try and locate more precisely where exactly the movement is. This can help our technicians to deal with the problem.

Rodent Droppings

One of the most typical methods of identifying rodent activity is to look for, or come across, their faeces. Not only can you identify rodent activity, but you can even determine precisely what kind of pest is within your home:

Rats: Rats are much larger than mice, and understandably so are their droppings. They tend to be fatter and have rounded ends.

Mice: If you see a smaller dropping with sharp ends that is smaller than a grain of rice, it is likely from a mouse.

If you see a lot of droppings in one area, then you know it is an area of high activity.

Nesting Materials and Activity

The vast majority of rodents will make nests. This is because their coats aren’t particularly long, especially when it gets too cold Winters. In order to keep warm, they will steal materials from human beings!

Finding ripped textiles and cardboard and such anywhere in your home that you cannot explain, it might well be a nest. If you come across a collection of this material, it might well be a nest.

Chew Marks

There are a number of reasons as to why rodents might use their teeth to chew a material; for example, they might be trying to get inside a box, or perhaps control their teeth which never stop growing.

Rodents like to chew on wooden objects and structures. Around skirting and table legs and so on, you might see some gnaw marks. You might also spot chewing in cardboard boxes containing food.

Finally, and most importantly, rodents will regularly strip rubber insulation from wires. In fact, this is the reason why thousands of fires start every single year.

Rub Marks

Rats and mice have coats that are full of oils and dirt. They will make some effort to clean themselves, but in urban environments, they struggle.

Of course, many dirty marks or smudges can appear around your home for many reasons, although in specific areas such as low down on skirting boards it is quite often the result of a rat or mouse. Our technicians will be able to identify them, so if you spot any, make sure to give us a call.


Rodents are light on their feet, but they will leave behind tracks in the right conditions. Dusty surfaces, for example, are an excellent place to look for tracks. Luckily, they also tend to spend a lot of their time in these out-of-the-way locations.

Small paw sized shapes created on dusty surfaces is a tell-tale sign that rodents are active within your home or property.

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In some cases, it might be possible to catch and kill a mouse on your own. However, it can be very difficult, and it is difficult to make sure that the entire infestation has been dealt with.

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