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Dealing with Ants in Warmer Weather

As the weather begins to warm, some pests will start to appear around your property that you likely will not have seen over the last few months. Ants are just one of these species, and they are something that you should be prepared for as we go into spring and ultimately Summer.

In this article, we will outline a species overview of ants, as well as outlining some of the tactics we can use to deal with them.

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What Are Ants Like as Pests

Ants are organised and industrious creatures which will take advantage of any food source that they might find around your home. Although it depends on the individual species, the majority of ants are attracted to sugary substances and foods.

What Are Ants Like as Pests

When one ant finds a possible source of food, it will return to the nest and inform the rest of the colony of where they can find the resource. This means that within a matter of minutes you can see a stream of many hundred ants appear within your home.

The ants will continue to eat at the food source until they have exhausted it entirely. At this stage, they will then scout out the rest of your property in order to find more, which can lead to even more disruption and distress.

It is worth noting that although ants aren’t known for carrying many diseases, they are still unhygienic. They will walk directly from their grubby nests to wherever they find food, meaning they can easily carry bacteria and other germs around your home.

How Do I Deal with Ants?

Dealing with ants is difficult using DIY methods. There are plenty of tactics that you can employ to ‘minimise’ the problem and help to curb their progress, but it is unlikely you will be able to deal with the problem in its entirety.

This is because ant queens stay hidden deep within the tunnels built by the colony. They only surface to move the nest at a specific time of the year, but for the rest of the time, they remain inaccessible in the nest.

People discuss homemade remedies and such, but the nest will just replenish their numbers and keep up the assault on your property! Instead, you should seek out professional help to make sure that the problem is well and truly dealt with.

How Does Clark Pest Control Deal with Ants?

There are two methods of effectively dealing with an ant infestation. Firstly, we have the option of trying to find the ant colony. This can be done in a few different ways, by following the ants, looking for disturbed earth, and so on.

If we can find the nest, then we can apply insecticide directly. Our powerful but safe and effective chemicals should flush through the nest and eliminate every insect inside, including the queen.

How Does Clark Pest Control Deal with Ants?

In some cases, however, it won’t be possible to track down the nest directly. It might be too well hidden or merely inaccessible for one reason or another. In these cases, we will need to employ a different tactic.

By leaving out insecticide bait that is attractive to ants, such as a sugar-based bait, they will happily pick this up and carry it back to their colony for us. All of the ants will feed on this bait and eventually die, including the queen.

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