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Egg Replacement and Gull Control

Gull populations throughout the UK are on the rise and rising quickly. With few natural predators in urban environments along with plenty of food and shelter, there is nothing which will control their numbers naturally.

In this blog, we will outline one technique that we can use to reduce the numbers in a colony legally while offering a number of other benefits.

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What is an Egg Replacement Programme?

Egg replacement treatments involve limiting gull populations by reducing the number of eggs they have. There are different methods of achieving this, but ultimately it means the colony will not have young hatch in order to replenish or increase their numbers.

What is an Egg Replacement Programme?

One method of doing this involves using false plastic dummy eggs. These look incredibly similar to genuine eggs and gulls won’t be able to tell the difference. Our technicians can just climb up to the nests, remove the gull eggs, and replace them while the adult birds are away.

We can also use oil to sterilise the eggs. This means that they will never hatch, again achieving a similar effect without the need for plastic dummies.

Why Use Egg Replacement Techniques?

There are a number of reasons why this method of bird control is vital, especially within the United Kingdom.

Firstly, British wildlife laws are incredibly strict. It is illegal to kill any bird without a license which, especially in the case of gulls, is rarely given out. Shooting is typically out of the question, and poisonous baits that we use on rodents and insects are highly illegal when it comes to birds.

Egg replacement offers an alternative where we can pre-emptively control the growth of populations, without actively killing any already-born gulls.

Moreover, egg replacement can help to calm gull populations significantly. This is because, as with many animals, gulls become much more aggressive and frankly erratic when they have young to defend.

Gulls will attack anyone or anything that they deem to be a danger to their babies. During periods when gull swooping seems to be constant, it is almost certain that the gulls will have recently hatched eggs.

However, gulls are also very poor at judging distance. People passing on the street might appear to the gull to be much closer. As a result, passers-by can find themselves on the receiving end of gull aggression despite being entirely unaware the nest is even there.

By removing the eggs before the young hatch, we can make sure the gulls never have anything to aggressively defend which will keep them calm. Eventually, they will simply give up on the eggs and will likely look elsewhere to settle.

Our Replacement Programme

Our technicians will carry out the egg replacement programme over multiple visits. Through our understanding of gull seasons, we can return at the end of their breeding period in order to remove the nests entirely.

This is an essential step as not only does it help to keep your building clean and tidy, but it means the gulls will not have a pre-made nest should they decide to return to the same spot the following year.

Many pest control companies will try to skip this step, but we believe that if a job isn’t completed perfectly, it is not finished.

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