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Bird Wiring vs Spiking: Which Is Right for Me?

A modern pest controller has a wide variety of tools at his or her disposal which they can use to make a premises uninhabitable for pest birds. There are no hard and fast rules on which ones are best; it depends on the context and your individual situation.

In this blog, we will discuss two methods of controlling birds; wiring and spiking. We will show why both are so useful and vital to our control programmes.

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Which Is Better Between Bird Spiking and Wiring?

As mentioned, there aren’t any black and white answers as to which methods of pest bird control are best. It is influenced by countless different factors which our sales advisors and technicians will have to consider when choosing how to proceed.

Which Is Better Between Bird Spiking and Wiring?

One of the most critical factors is the area in need of protection. The dimensions and shape of the space in question will dictate what technique we employ.

Bird wiring is a fantastic solution when it comes to providing cover for a large and open space, such as a flat roof. We can protect a large area with very few resources by running numerous lines of posts in sequence before running stainless-steel wire between them.

Bird spiking is much more suited for smaller and trickier surfaces such as lampposts, CCTV cameras, or narrow ledges at windows or at the edge of buildings. Areas like this would be significantly more difficult and expensive to protect without bird spiking.

For many building owners, they need to make sure that the aesthetic of the building is preserved despite being protected. This has a significant influence on the proofing method we employ; although each one we use is subtle, some are more discrete than others in certain situations.

By combining their knowledge and experience, our technicians and sales advisors will develop a strategy for bird control that is unique to you, responding to all of your specific needs.

How Does Bird Spiking Work

Spiking is a simple concept; it creates a physical barrier that birds will not be able to land on, forcing them to take off and find somewhere new. The metal spikes will interfere with their landing effort and provide an awkward, uneven surface.

However, we like to point out that ‘spiking’ really isn’t an accurate term. Rather than dangerous pointed spikes, they are rounded metal prongs that only provide a barrier, not a threat, to pest birds.

The prongs in question are fixed onto robust and durable UV-stabilised plastic that will last for man years to come.

How Does Bird Wiring Work

Wiring works in a similar way; it creates a problematic and uneven surface that will make sure that birds quickly take off again and do not stick around to settle.

How Does Bird Wiring Work

The wires are not intended to trap birds by getting them wrapped up and stuck. They are completely harmless and are only designed to encourage birds to move on elsewhere.

Setting up the wire is simple; our technicians will run a series of steel posts, or indeed a number of different lines, that then has wire running through each post in order to create a more substantial barrier despite the fact that very few materials are actually employed.

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Birds can cause an incredible amount of structural damage as well as providing numerous threats to human health. They are just as much a problem as other pest species such as rats and mice, and building owners need to take measures to control the problem.

Our company is committed to developing unique and tailored plans for each of our clients. By doing this, we can ensure that any work we carry out is completely optimised for your specific situation in order to provide the very best results.

Regardless of what pest bird species is on your property, we will provide a solution that that gets to the root of the problem in the most cost-effective way possible. We carry out all of our work within the strict legal wildlife parameters set out by the British government.

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