How to Deal with Ants

Last week we discussed how wasps could and will ruin your Summer, but they are just one of the many Summer pests which can invade your home. Another is the regimented and resourceful ant. Their colonies become incredibly active during Summer, and in order to facilitate their growth, they will forage far and wide in search of food.

This hunt means they will very often find their way into your home. Because ants can communicate so well amongst their colony, one member can turn into a cluster of hundreds in no time at all. Luckily, Clark Pest Control is here to clear up all of your ant needs; not only destroying the ants in your home but the entire colony they came from.

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Are There Different Types of Ant in the UK?

Generally, when you find an ant inside your home in the UK, it is in the vast majority of cases going to be a Black Garden Ant or Lasius Niger.

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Typically, these colonies will become around 4000-7000 members strong, although this number can vary wildly in both directions. While there are cases of colonies having two or more queens, as a general rule they will have one, which can live as long as 15 years! Well, that is unless you call in Clark Pest Control…

How to Avoid Ants

Due to the small size of ants, preventing them from entering your home is much easier said than done. Unlike with rats and mice, it is difficult to block off every nook and cranny from which an ant might enter. In addition, it is difficult to safeguard your food; at around 2mm in length, if an ant wants to get inside a cupboard it will!

While you should always block as many entryways as possible, it is often the case that you will just have to deal with ants once they have entered your home. There are multiple ways of doing this, and many involve ant-specific commercial products. However, there are simpler ways.

Firstly, if you see ants entering from a particular source, you can lay down some tape which ants will not be able to pass over. However, when ants are throwing hundreds of workers towards your property, this is not the most reliable technique.

It is much better to use the powdered sugar and baking powder technique. Place 50/50 mixtures of baking powder and sugar near where large numbers of ants have been gathering, or next to identified entryways. The sugar acts as bait, as insects are attracted to sweet substances. The baking powder when ingested will also kill the ants.

Eventually, you will have to deal with the colony itself, but it can deal with ants present in your home and dissuade ants from coming any further.

How Do WE Handle Ants

One of the most challenging parts of dealing with an ant colony is finding their actual base of operations. Killing all of the ants in your home is the easy part, but addressing the source is no simple task.

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For a start, ants generally establish their colonies in locations which are by no means easy to find and are often relatively inaccessible. Even if you do locate the ‘nest’, they are incredibly resistant to all kinds of assaults. With a complex web of tunnels and chambers which can stretch on for meters, dealing with a large percentage of it will very likely not be the end.

This is where Clark Pest Control comes in. Our technicians are well-trained and incredibly experienced. When we turn up to deal with an ant nest, we will deal with it the very same day.

All of our technicians come will a fully stocked van with an arsenal of everything they can expect to need when on the job.

Using our effective and safe equipment, we can deal a lethal blow to your troublesome ant colony. Although it is impossible to kill every single ant of the thousands that exist inside the colony, they will have no hope of recovering; no household DIY method can hope to achieve even a fraction of these results.

Dealing with Ants?

It is not unusual for people to start a war against ants, only to find themselves still fighting weeks later. Even worse is when you think you are victorious, just to see the dreaded line of determined workers gathering inside your kitchen a few days later. These ants can cause problems, and you need to deal with them once and for all.

Clark Pest Control’s team of fantastic technicians have the training, experience, and equipment to deal with any pests which afflict British homes. Whether you are dealing with an ant army, scavenging rats, precious bats, or aggressive wasps, you can be sure that our company and personnel can handle the job.

Moreover, because our vans are so well-stocked with a wide variety of equipment, we can often complete a job upon our first visit. We have all waited days for a business to arrive, only to be told that they will be back in a few days to actually complete the work. We will arrive quickly, and get your home or business back to you pest free in no time at all.

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