How a Weathered Roof Can Lead to Pest Problems

Pests rely on our homes and properties for shelter and resources. They will make their way into your home in a huge number of different ways, but typically will try and find a gap or hole on the outside of the property to squeeze through.

Your roof can be a significant problem when it comes to pest control, but with some repair and maintenance, you can make sure it provides as comprehensive defence as possible.

Our technicians can offer a survey to find out just how compromised your roof is, as well as some repairs that you can make to protect your home from infestation. Give us a call today on 0800 808 5615.

Squirrels and Loft Spaces

Squirrels are intelligent creatures that will take advantage of even the smallest gaps in your roof in order to get into your loft. Not only can they squeeze through incredibly small holes between tiles, but they will even pull loose tiles even further open in order to make an entranceway for themselves.

Once inside, squirrels can cause an incredible amount of damage. Firstly, they will gnaw on wooden beams (a habit that they have carried over from chewing on tree bark in the wild). Generally, this will just cause some aesthetic damage. However, if they are left to do this for a significant amount of time, it can cause real structural issues.


Rodents, including squirrels, will also strip electrical wires of their rubber insulation. This will break equipment, but also commonly causes house fires.

Rodents are also known for their ability to spread disease. Although squirrels might appear to be ‘cute’ with their bushy tails, they can carry a wide range of diseases which they will spread around your property.

Make sure to keep your roof well-maintained in order to ensure that no squirrels have an easy time sneaking inside.

Pigeons and Other Birds

Birds are also keen to invade your home for a suitable sheltered nesting location. Although there are many different types of bird that will move into your home, the most common species tends to be pigeons.

Pigeons have an excellent eye for identifying spots in a rooftop that they might exploit to find their new home. One trick they like to use is to identify a loose tile which they can then push further using their beak or by forcing their bodies through.

Once inside, pigeons might start breeding right away. Because they can produce crop milk, they are able to produce and feed young all-year-round.

Very quickly, you can have a family of pigeons living in your roof producing fouling and ultimately presenting danger in terms of the spread of disease.

Make sure that every tile on your roof is as secure and tightly placed as possible in order to make sure that no birds are able to work their way inside.

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Although we will not carry out roof repairs ourselves, our technicians will be able to carry out a survey to see just how compromised your roof might be. You can then take the necessary steps to secure your roof and stop any pests from entering.

However, if any pests have moved in, our technicians will very quickly get the situation under control and come up with a tailored pest control programme which will get rid of the unwanted guests as soon as possible.

Our technicians benefit from ongoing training, which allows them to carry out effective pest control while staying on the right side of the law. British legislation is very strict on wildlife protection and pest control dos and don’ts, but you can be sure we will do everything by the book.

Our personnel have vital experience, which means we have dealt with all manners of pests living under all kinds of roof. Not only will we deal with the issue quickly, but we will do so comprehensively.

We will happily carry out our pest control in both small domestic homes as well as extensive commercial or industrial facilities and have both the resources and know-how to do both to an incredibly high standard.

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