Cockroaches and How we Deal With Them

Some people are actually surprised to hear that cockroaches exist in the UK. For whatever reason, many people consider being an exotic insect. However, these insects can adapt incredibly easy to a considerable number of environments and are perfectly happy to settle within UK homes.

Dealing with cockroaches without professional expertise and the right equipment is a thankless task. In this blog, we will outline what problems cockroaches can cause around the home, as well as the methods we use for dealing with them.

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What Attracts Cockroaches

Cockroaches in the UK require two main things; food and shelter.

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As such, they will naturally try and find their way inside buildings, especially in search of dark and damp areas.

If food is available within the property, then they are likely to stay. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are unhygienic, it just means that they are finding food one way or another.

However, unhygienic environments do make the issue significantly worse. By allowing grease to build up in the kitchen, or leaving out dirty dishes and other food detritus, the problem will become considerably worse.

In order to make sure that cockroaches do not infest your property, make sure that everything is as clean and tidy as possible, and ensure that all food is stored securely.

Cockroaches and Human Health

Cockroaches are known for their link to the spread of disease and their general effect on human health.

Although the number of contagions that cockroaches can introduce to the home are far too many to outline here, three of the main (and most dangerous) ones are E. coli, dysentery, and salmonella. They can spread these diseases in a number of ways, often by contaminating food substances which are then consumed by humans.

Additionally, all cockroaches emit a strong scent which causes severe allergic reactions within human beings. This can cause the typical symptoms you would associate with an allergic reaction including skin reactions and even breathing difficulties.

Additionally, the various detritus that they leave behind them can also cause severe reactions which inhaled. This debris can also have an effect on asthmatic people and is known to bring on asthma attacks.

How We Deal with Cockroaches

Because cockroaches are such hardy survivors, proper technique and equipment are required to make sure that the entire population is dealt with. If just one breeding pair is left alive, then they can quickly build the infestation back up.

Instect Control

The primary technique we employ involves a slow-acting poisonous bait. After the cockroaches eat this poison, it will sterilise them reducing their ability to breed and multiply. However, it will not kill them instantly.

Because cockroaches spend most of their time in crawl spaces which we cannot enter, it would cause significant disruption to tear apart the walls in order to reach them directly. Instead, we let the cockroaches do all of the hard work.

After the cockroaches have eaten the bait, they will return to their nooks and crannies before dying. Because cockroaches are cannibalistic and will consume the bodies of their dead, other cockroaches will eat the poison and die in secondary poisoning events.

In order to monitor the progress and ensure that we deal with the whole population, not just a few members, we can also leave out traps. However, again, the bulk of the extermination will come as a result of our effective chemicals.

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