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Pest Bird Netting

When birds nest or roost where their debris and feces pose a danger, they are considered to be pests and thus the need to take various control measures. Most homeowners spend a lot of hours and resources in cleaning up the mess that Pest Birds cause. These birds are quite unsightly and can spread a number of transmittable diseases. In a nutshell, the health, sanitation, as well as the safety perils that bird droppings bring along causes liability risks and can lead to accidents that could even involve you in litigation.

Pest Bird Netting Systems helps to exclude all species of Pest Birds from buildings and other structures. They are renown methods that when professionally installed, can offer a 100 percent guarantee when it comes to getting rid of Pest Birds regardless of the infestation pressure.

Professional Pest Bird Netting in Glasgow

Bird Netting is a long-term bird control solution that aims at protecting rooftops, entire building elevations, canopies, beams, eaves, bridges, and other enclosed areas that Pest Birds are most likely to roost. There are various types of Bird Netting Systems that you can choose from. The UV stable polyethylene knotted bird netting is one of the heavy duty and long lasting solutions. It can withstand the broad range of the UK environmental conditions. The system should have a lifespan of more than ten years as long as it is properly tensioned with the use of a corrosion resisting suspension structure, and that it is not damaged by vandalism or other activities taking place in the building. The other one is the Polypropylene extruded plastic netting which is usually used to exclude Pest Birds from homes and gardens to protect orchards and other types of crops.

The best thing about the professional Pest Bird Netting Systems is that they do not affect the overall image of the building as long as they are installed correctly. They are exceptionally discreet and are not easy to see from a distance of a few meters.

Installing bird netting

Whether you are in need of commercial or residential installation of the Bird Netting in Glasgow, all you need is to contact Clark Pest Control for assistance. As a homeowner, the installation process may not necessarily be right up your alley, and that’s where we come in. With most commercial buildings being overly tall, you would require special tools and equipment that only a company like us owns to help you install the net.

We have been in the Pest Bird control business in the UK for many years and have served countless homeowners and building owners. Through the years, we have gained the necessary experience even as our customer needs keep on changing. We have the expertise required to install all the types of Pest Bird Netting Systems as well as other Pest Bird Deterrent Systems. All our experts are highly trained and always carry with them the PASMA and IPAF certifications in a bid to ensure that all projects carried out at heights are executed in a safe manner without sacrificing the quality of the service. To learn more about the whole process including any inquiries and for a free Pest Bird Control survey, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

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