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Wasp Nest Removal (Insect Control)

Expert Wasp Nest Removal in Glasgow and Edinburgh

Wasp Nest Pest Control Seeing wasp nests at your home is not a wonder. In most cases, wasps build their nests in areas that you can least expect including areas like the roof or unused corners of the house gutters. These insects, also known as Vespula vulgaris form large colonies because they are a type of social insects. A colony may be created by several thousands of wasps and are most prominent during late summer and early autumn. Each colony produces new and mated queens which later die out during the winter.

The queen of these insects spends most of its time hibernating and only comes out during spring to set up a new nest. She uses saliva and wood fibres to make a wasp nest, (paper) which grows over the summer and reaches up to the size of a football. They usually hide their nests in the roof, wall cavity or even underground to protect the offsprings. Interestingly, the very first offsprings take up the nests chores and are therefore referred to as the work wasps.

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Worker Wasps in Glasgow and Edinburgh

The worker wasps measures between 12 and 15 mm, has paired black spots on their sides, and bright yellow and black markings which form arrow-like shapes in the middle of their abdomen. Mostly, they feed on sweet substances including food and drinks, secretions from sucking insects as well as the fermenting fruits. They feed the grubs with bits of meat that they collect from pet food bowls or the carrion and the spiders and insects that they catch while on the hunt for food.

When in high numbers, wasps can assist in getting rid of other insects and spiders that tend to be harmful to the environment. However, when any disturbance occurs around their nests, they can get dangerous since they swarm up to attack whatever is causing the provocation.

Their usual form of defence is stinging, and thus the aggravated number of insect bites and stings in the UK. A wasp sting is painful and can potentially transmit a disease especially if the insect was feeding on rotten food material full of bacteria and other disease-causing organisms.

What to do when you find wasp nests around your home

Wasp Nest Removal takes a lot of professionalism, which you most likely don’t have, and thus the need to hire a person who specializes in pest control. At Clark Pest, we specialise in eliminating all the wasps including their nests as well as preventing them from coming back to your home or office. We boast the best team of professionals with the proper training and knowledge about wasps removal. We first carry out a survey of the area infested with the insects, identify their sources, make an extensive assessment, and ultimately come up with the most efficient and safest approach to remove them together with their nests.

Branches across Glasgow and Edinburgh

We have enough local and regional branches to allow us to respond to your request within the minimum time possible. If you are struggling to control a wasp infestation, give us a call today, and a member of our highly trained professional will take care of it using the most modern tools and equipment as well as specialised insecticides for your safety.

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