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Grey Squirrels (Rodent Control)

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Clark Pest Control - How to get rid of squirrels in Glasgow & EdinburghSquirrel Control in Glasgow & Edinburgh. A member of the Rodent family, Squirrels who are the closest relation to Rats can cause a nuisance and leave significant damage when they gain access to the lofts of our homes and businesses. They are not an easy pest to control or to exclude from lofts but Clark Pest Control have a number of effective Squirrel control treatments that will help to reclaim your loft. Squirrel control in Glasgow. Call today for a FREE survey.

Effective Squirrel Control in Glasgow & Edinburgh…

What a difference a bushy tail can make. Squirrels are loved by many people and they are a welcome presence in many of our parks and woods. They have gained this favorable status despite being the closest relative in the Rodent family to the Rat, an animal that many fear and dislike. This difference in cultural acceptance is amazing when you consider the fact that Squirrels can in fact cause far more damage than Rats when they come to infest the lofts and roof voids of our homes and businesses. Squirrel Control in Edinburgh.

Being Rodents, Squirrels have to continually gnaw to keep their teeth at a manageable length. They will gnaw on timbers in our lofts to such an extent that they can cause catastrophic structural damage. Unlike Rats, who are very timid, Squirrels can also cause significant nuisance by the noise that they will make in a loft often keeping people awake at night. When it comes to Squirrel control in Glasgow there are also a number of legal requirements that must be considered. Red Squirrels are protected and must be released at risk of prosecution and Grey Squirrels are considered vermin and must not be released at risk of prosecution. Let the Pest Control experts deal with your Squirrel problem in full compliance with the law. Call Clark Pest Control today for FREE advice.

Call Clark Pest Control for Squirrel Control in Edinburgh & Glasgow…

Clark Pest Control have our highly trained technicians available throughout the UK and are able to quickly solve your Squirrel infestation. Squirrel Control in Glasgow. When it comes to Squirrel trapping it is more of an art than a science and our technicians are trained to use the Squirrels behavior against them in order to achieve a quick result not only allowing peace of mind for our customers but ensuring no distress to the animal. Squirrel Control in Glasgow & Edinburgh. Effective Pest Control should always consider humane practices first and this is how Clark Pest Control always operate.

Squirrel Control & Rodent Control Experts. Call your local Clark Pest Control branch today for a FREE Survey and Advice. Fast response and professional service.

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