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Fleas (Insect Control)

Ctenocephalides felis, which are adult cat fleas, are able to exclusively live on birds as well as warm blooded animals as parasites. You will need to note that there is a variant amount of Human Fleas, Cat Fleas and Dog Fleas, etc. With that being aid, in the absence of their traditional host, a flea will feed off of additional animals. Most common fleas are the Cat Flea and they are responsible for [approximately] three quarters of the flea infestations as a whole.

The bites of a cat flea are easily identified due to the minute dark red spot that is left as a result. The spot is, additionally, surrounded by an area that is reddened and it is known to persist for a maximum of two days. The area can become intensely irritated while carrying a socially acceptable stigma. Most often, the bites occur on the ankles and are comprised of no more than three bites that appear in a row.

Effective Flea Control
When cat fleas are in their pupa stage of development, they are actually protected against insecticides. What most people do not realize is that an insecticide has the ability to remain within a pupa for upwards of a calendar year. This allows a flea the opportunity to survive and cycle into cat fleas that are less susceptible to insecticide.

Fleas are alerted to the presence of a potential host via increased levels of carbon dioxide as well as variations in light. Cat fleas that make it to adulthood are able to emerge within a matter of three seconds from the pupal, attach to its desired host and feed immediately. For this reasoning enormous numbers of fleas are beginning to surface in empty buildings. They are no more than adult level fleas in search of their initial feed and a formidable host.

It does need to be noted, that as of date, there is no substantial research proving that cat fleas transmit serious diseases to human beings. What has been proven is that their bites are able to become incredibly annoying to people, specifically children, while also having the ability to lay dormant for extended periods of time.

Even when a pet owner takes proper precautions regarding pet bedding and proper disposal, it is plausible that it re-occurs. Most likely, this happens due to pupal cases that have gone unnoticed within carpeting and more about the home. This will allow the cycle to continue and your family to become the primal hosts for the cat fleas. The best defense against the issue is professional treatment.

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