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Feral Pigeons (Pest Bird Control)

Feral Pigeons control Glasgow

Pigeon Control In Glasgow written by: tomtomtom92 Feral Pigeons scientifically known as Columba livia domestica are a great dilemma not only in the UK but also in all towns and cities in Glasgow. These birds are also often found in rural setting, especially those associated with farm and buildings. Feral Pigeons depend closely on man for their food and this has further aggravated the problems making it a progressive serious pest problem.

Feral Pigeons – About

Most Feral Pigeons measures about 31 to 34 cm in length,wing span of 20 to 26 inches and weighs 230 to 560g on average. Although coloring may vary from pure white through a diverse combination of nearly pure black, there is no distinct visual difference between both sexes.

Feral pigeons usually build their nests in protected environments and sheltered areas such as buildings and other farm structures. Large numbers of such pest birds’ nests are often found in loft spaces, underside of bridges, sheltered ledges of buildings and also within derelict buildings. Such areas act as ideal breeding grounds and are commonly characterized with significant deposits of bird’s droppings as well as nesting materials.

Feral Pigeons Glasgow

Feral Pigeons live up to a maximum of four years and breeds prolifically and matures sexually six months after birth. Columba livia produces 7 broods per year and each brood contain at least 2 offspring. Each Feral pigeon eats roughly 60 g per day and can produce up to 12kg of dropping per year.

Feral pigeons usually colonize areas by entering through loft spaces, damaged roof, unsecured windows or even via gaps in derelict buildings. Not to mention, Columba livia usually colonizes these areas at an alarming rate. Once they colonize an area, their deposits of bird fouling builds up quickly and can even cause a major damage. If such fouling is left for a reasonable length of time, it can become layered up to several inches and may lead to a major mess.

It is therefore of uttermost importance to exclude such birds where possible since clean-up work resulting from such a manifestation can be costly. Protecting such buildings from bird fouling can be a major undertaking, there are several options available that can be used in bird control these include point systems,egg sterilization, bird netting, use of birds of prey, bird wire system, pigeon trapping and Avishock just to mention but a few. However, wide varieties of solutions are dependent on both nature and the severity of the problem as well as other due considerations to keep the building attractive.

Besides that, fouling can also damage building due to their acidic nature, furthermore deposits in areas below becomes unsightly. It is therefore advisable to prevent Feral Pigeons as much as possible from nesting and roosting buildings as well as structures so as to minimize costly damages. As a precaution, birds fouling should only be removed by trained individuals since it may harbor certain bacteria causing diseases. A good example of such a bacteria is Salmonellosis.

Other issues that may arise from these pest birds’ manifestations include product contamination, excessive noise, loss of goodwill, bad smells, public safety risks and associated insect manifestations.

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