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Identifying Bed Bugs

How to Identify Bed Bug Bites

Identifying Bed Bugs

Biting insects are naturally one of the more stressful pests that can invade homes and businesses. This is understandable; while most pests will try and keep themselves to themselves, insects will actively track you down to feed. People are often confused about the difference between fleas and bedbug and are not entirely sure about what… View Article
Should You Use a Shotgun or Air Rifle for Pest Control?

The Legality of Bird Shooting Explained

If you run a commercial property or enterprise and have a problem with birds, you may be wondering if it is legal for us to simply turn up and use a firearm to get rid of them. This is not possible, and outright killing the birds is only very rarely legal. In this blog, we… View Article
How We Deal with Cockroaches

Cockroaches and How we Deal With Them

Some people are actually surprised to hear that cockroaches exist in the UK. For whatever reason, many people consider being an exotic insect. However, these insects can adapt incredibly easy to a considerable number of environments and are perfectly happy to settle within UK homes. Dealing with cockroaches without professional expertise and the right equipment… View Article
Protecting Large Roof Spaces

Three Bird Proofing Problems and Their Solutions

There is no one ‘best’ form of bird control. The reason we have several different techniques at our disposal is that they all have diverse applications. A large proofing programme may require us to adopt several different methods to provide comprehensive protection from pest birds. In this blog, we will outline three different problems that… View Article
Structural Damage

The Problem with Pest Rodents

When rats and mice enter your property, they need to be dealt with immediately. Otherwise, a number of problems will follow which will result in anything from a chewed wire to the spread of disease. In this blog, we will outline the reasons as to why you need to have any rodent infestation dealt with… View Article
Winter Pest Problems

Winter Pest Problems

As the year moves on, so does out pest calendar. From month to month the problems we have to deal with change as animals and creatures adapt to the weather. As we move into the winter months and temperatures begin to plummet insects activity should start to calm down while mammals might start to venture… View Article

Physical Bird Control – Spiking, Netting, and Wire Explained

We have numerous different forms of bird control within our arsenal so that we can provide as complete a service as necessary. To make sure that birds are dealt with effectively, we often have to use different techniques. While some of these are elaborate and technical, such as bird gel, laser deterrent systems, and even… View Article

Nuptial Flight and How it Affects You

Generally, ant species native to the UK will remain outside, and their activities should not affect yours. British species are not aggressive, and their nesting habits will not do any harm to our buildings. When ants make their way inside, however, that is when problems start to arise. In domestic settings, this can be a… View Article

Five Methods of Pest Bird Control

No two pest situations are the same. In order to combat them effectively, Clark Pest Control will come up with a customised plan for maximum impact. In order to do this, we have amassed a number of technologies, equipment, and techniques in our arsenal. Because of our diverse approach to bird control, we can tackle… View Article
What Problems Will Birds Cause on My Property?

Five Common Nuisance Bird Problems

If nuisance birds have recently settled on your property, you might not have realised the true extent of the damage, harm, and general disruption that they can cause. From disease to noise, structural damage, and even slip hazards, having a colony of birds establish themselves on your property will lead to a series of headaches…. View Article
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