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Dealing with Ants in Warmer Weather

How Does Clark Pest Control Deal with Ants?

Dealing with Ants in Warmer Weather

As the weather begins to warm, some pests will start to appear around your property that you likely will not have seen over the last few months. Ants are just one of these species, and they are something that you should be prepared for as we go into spring and ultimately Summer. In this article,… View Article
Bird Breeding in Springtime

Birds and Spring – What you Need to Know

The changing seasons affect just about every animal on Earth, and pest species are no different. Bird behaviour is intrinsically linked to the changing seasons, and this can have an effect on how they will affect your business throughout the year. This article will give you all of the information you require when it comes… View Article
Which Is Better Between Bird Spiking and Wiring?

Bird Wiring vs Spiking: Which Is Right for Me?

A modern pest controller has a wide variety of tools at his or her disposal which they can use to make a premises uninhabitable for pest birds. There are no hard and fast rules on which ones are best; it depends on the context and your individual situation. In this blog, we will discuss two… View Article
What Does Climate Change Mean for Pest Control?

How Are Wasp Populations Changing?

In 2019, there is speculation that wasp populations might be particularly high following from the record numbers we witnessed last year. Although many infestations, such as moths, are a nuisance but not a nightmare. Wasps, on the other hand, present a real danger to human beings. Having said that, predicting pest populations isn’t simple and… View Article
Clues Rats and Mice Are Living in Your Property

How to Identify a Rodent Infestation Within Your Home

Rats and mice are well-versed in what they need to do to avoid threats. This means a lot of skulking around in shadows and crawlspaces. Often, you will have to rely on other signs to identify that you have a rodent infestation outside of seeing the pests in the flesh. The question is, what are… View Article
Top Reasons Squirrels are a Problem

Squirrels: Everything You Need to Know

Squirrels are much more destructive and problematic than their ‘cuteness’ might portray. They have a lot of habits which will cause a number of issues around your home, racking up incredible repair bills in a short space of time. In this article, we will provide a summary of why pest squirrel activity cannot be underestimated… View Article
Why Bird Proofing is Cost-Effective

Why Bird Proofing is an Essential Investment

Although some companies try to avoid the initial investment of having bird proofing installed, it is a significantly more cost-effective method of control than a reactionary approach. When the proofing you have installed is of sufficient quality, it can save you thousands of pounds in a matter of years. There a number of reasons as… View Article
What is an Egg Replacement Programme?

Egg Replacement and Gull Control

Gull populations throughout the UK are on the rise and rising quickly. With few natural predators in urban environments along with plenty of food and shelter, there is nothing which will control their numbers naturally. In this blog, we will outline one technique that we can use to reduce the numbers in a colony legally… View Article
What Months Are Pests Most Prominent?

Preparing for Pests Throughout 2019

Although the prominence of pests will change from year to year, we can make general predictions about when pests will begin to become more or less active. Knowing what problems you might expect to encounter and being able to prepare for them can help you enjoy a pest-free 2019. In this blog, we will outline… View Article
How to Identify Bed Bug Bites

Identifying Bed Bugs

Biting insects are naturally one of the more stressful pests that can invade homes and businesses. This is understandable; while most pests will try and keep themselves to themselves, insects will actively track you down to feed. People are often confused about the difference between fleas and bedbug and are not entirely sure about what… View Article
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